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En caractères gras : la nouveauté de la semaine.

SAISON 2020-2021 : Danses des 4 derniers cours

1 octobre :  Cowboy madison, Cut a rug, Take me Home

8 octobre : Cut a rug, Take me Home, Ain't it funny

15 octobre : Cut a rug, Lindy Shuffle, Ain't it funny

22 octobre : Cowboy madison, Ain't it funny, take me home, Love ain't


cowboy madison, Cut a rug, Take me Home, Ain't it funny, Lindy shuffle, Love ain't


Cowboy charleston, cowboy madison, Cowboy boogie, Knockin' Boots, hello heart, Kaitlyn charleston,  barn dance, anything goes, Last christmas, Lindy shuffle, Dancing cowboy, Little (pcb 2019-2020), Take me home, Hooked on country, These old boots


Cut a rug, Cowboy madison, Strait Down, Paris-Tennessee, Barn dance, Cowboy Charleston, Snap, Ghost Town(PCB 2018-2019), Lindy shuffle, Last christmas, Dancing Cowboy (en trio), Texas time, Indian sound, Take me home, Patty cake polka, Half a cha (PCB 2018-2019), Hello heart, Born to be great, Smooth like the summer (PCB 2018-2019), Ghost train, Over the moon, Cowboy boogie, Anything goes, Coffee days and whiskey nights (PCB 2018-2019), By and By, Kiss me already

PCB : pot commun breton


Honky Tonk, Cowboy Madison, Carolina, The forest, cut a rug, Barn dance (partenaires), Better than beautiful, Dancing cowboy, Mountains to the sea, Pick a ball, The Sway (partenaires), Crash and burn, Puppies, twist & shake, Ghost train, Country as can be, Things (PCB 2017-2018), Hooked on country, Katchi (line dance), Desirable, Thinking country, hey girl, Hello heart, Sweet delights, Ghost town, Over the moon, Indian sound, For Barbara


Cowboy madison, Cut a rug, Dancing cowboy, Cowboy charleston, Happy hour, Stroll alon cha cha, Barn dance, Let it go (PC breton 2016-2017), Lindy shuffle, Pure and simple, Twist and shake, Go cat go, Ghost train, Texas waltz, Stealing the best, Hooked on country, Country walkin', Little rebel, Thinking country, Hey girl, All about a woman, Why baby why, Carolina, Cheyenne rock, The harvester


'Five, six, seven, eight', Lindy shuffle, The Galway Gathering, Cowboy madison, Country as can be, My everything, Dancing Cowboy, The Harvester, Twist & Shake, Heyday Tonight, Bullfrog on a log, Rose (PCB* 2015-16), Stroll along cha cha, All shook up (débutant),  Cowboy Charleston, Two Boys, All about a woman, Barn dance, Hooked on country, Until the dawn (line), She's no good, Texas Waltz, Stealing the best, Sunday driver, Sway (ou the sway), Trinity, Another country

* Pot commun breton


Lindy Shuffle, Cowboy Madison, Cowboy Boogie, An absolute dream, Electric slide, Barn dance, Feeling Kinda Lonely, Twist & shake, Stroll along cha cha, La Chapelloise, Dancing Cowboy, Heyday tonight, My Everything, Cheyenne, Just chillaxin, Stealing the best, Country as can be, All about a woman, Cucaracha, Hooked on country, Darlin', Side Winder swing, Go cat go, Drinkin' Partners, Little southern girl


A-B "L", Cowboy Madison, Lindy Shuffle, Arizona Freeze, Cheyenne, Cut A Rug, Dancing Cowboy, Go cat go, Barn dance, Stroll Along cha cha, Honky tonk town, Just chillaxin, Hush Hush, Mama's Pearls, Sticks & Stones, Ghost Train, Little Rhumba, Eating right and drinking bad, Crop circle, El Paso, Hooked on country, Heels on the ground, Smiling Song, Darlin' Partner, Chippin' away, For Barbara, Watcha Reckon, An Absolute Dream, Shackles, Country as can be


A-B "L", Arizona Freeze, Darlin', Cowboy Boogie, Country as can be, Feeling Kinda Lonely, Sidewinder Swing, Cut a rug, People are crazy, Mini Mex, La Chapelloise, Stealing the best, Cowboy Madison, Dancing Cowboy, Zatchu, Stupidville, Love's gonna make it, Go cat go, Celtic CT, Quarter after one beginner, Country 2 step, Cheyenne, Border Line Crazy, Nomès per tu, Hooked on Country, Joana, Cadillacs and Caviar, Mini-Flute, Texas Waltz.


Lindy Shuffle, Honky Tonk Town, Quarter After One beginner, A-B "L", Cracker Jack, Cowboy Madison, County line cha cha, Cut A Rug, Stealing The Best, This And That, Beautiful Day, Twist and Shake, One O one, Feeling Kinda Lonely, Something in The Water, Cadillacs and Caviar, El Paso, Go Cat Go, Barn Dance, Texas Waltz, Cowboy Boogie, Thanks a Lot, Jazzy Joe's, New Charleston, Celtic CT, Full Tilt Boogie, The Sway, Darlin', Pick a Bale, Texas Barefootin'.


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