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En caractères gras : la nouveauté de la semaine.

SAISON 2017-2018 : Danses du dernier cours

19 septembre : Sweet summer, Nancy Mullygan, Happy happy happy, Getting in the way



Sweet summer, Nancy Mullygan, Happy happy happy, Getting in the way


Ex's and oh's (line), Bring down the house, Cabo san Lucas, Another country, Best Thing, Tango !, Gerry's reel (révision), Wayfaring stranger, Sangria, Dirty boots (partners), Sinner, Let it go (PCB 2016-2017), Gypsy queen, Lonely girl, Na Mara, Mountains to the sea, Triple Cross (partners), Temple bar, Close to you, Mexico tequila & me (PCB2017),  K's Horseman, hello heart (PCB 2017)(partners), Ten bucks, Can't stop it PCB 2012)(partners), Gettin' in the way, Sweet Summer, Nancy Mulligan



We are tonight, Cabo San Lucas, Celtic Na La, Tracey, Country Roads, The Harvester, Homegrown (PCB 2015-16), Tag on (PCB 2015-16), Rum is the reason, Lay Low, Modern romance, Rose (PCB 2015-16), Overrated, A woman's rant (PCB 2015-16), Me and you back at mama's, Gerry's reel, I'm no good, Monday for 2 (partner), Irish stew, Hank J Swing (partner), Greater than me, Corn don't grow, Ex's and oh's (line), Bring down the house



Camp one, Stay up Tonight, Whiskey Instead of wine, Somewhere Else, I love this bar, Thank you folks, We are tonight, Reflection, For Barbara, The boat to Liverpool, King of fairies, Billy's dance, Drinkin' partners, Rumba stroll, The final test, Goodbye monday, Bounty, Lips so close, Tornado, Fifty two beers ago, Tush Push, Celtic teardrops, Raggle Taggle Gipsy O, She gets me, Leti, Pavement Ends, Monday for two (PCB 2015), Modern Romance



Marti, Summer Fly, Cooley's Reel, Jacob's Ladder, That don't impress me much, The Blarney Roses, Skiffle Time, Little Rhumba, Cowboy Charleston, Ride With Me, Closer, Mama's Pearls, Cliché, South of Santa Fé, Jambalaya, Lookout, Roll in the hay (pot commun breton 13-14), Chillaxin, You belong with me, Disappearing Tail Lights, Jacket Joe (pot commun breton 13-14), (Hey Brother, Reflection, My dear Juliette (pot commun breton 13-14)), City of New Orleans, King of fairies, Smiling Song, Life is better (pot commun breton 13-14), Bruises, For Barbara, Stay up tonight, Whiskey instead of wine (pot commun breton 13-14).