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En caractères gras : la nouveauté de la semaine.

SAISON 2017-2018 : Danses de la dernière semaine

25 septembre : HEY GIRL,  Hello heart, Doin' me wrong


The harvester (R), Carolina (R), Thinking country (R), Cheyenne rock (R), Hey girl, Hello heart, Doin' me wrong


The harvester (révision), Bullfrog on a log (révision), Lord help me, Two boys (révision), Want to dance, Another country (révision), Barn dance (révision), Drinkin' with Dolly, Thinkin' Country (PCB 2016-2017), Mountains to the sea, Cheyenne rock, Lonely girl, Cabo San Lucas, Sangria, Temple bar, Hello heart (partenaires) [PCB 2016-2017], Golden wedding ring, Long black train, Mexico Tequila & me [PCB 2016-2017]


Good time, Heyday Tonight, American Kids, Sweet Maureen, Golden Wedding Ring, Joke, Black Mercedes (PCB 2015-2016), The Harvester, The long way home, Two Boys, Bullfrog on a log, My utopia (PCB 2015-2016), Why baby why, Cowgirls and angels, On the waves, Gold digger, Go home, She's no good, Drinkin' Partners, Just a girl, Trinity, Another country


Shackles, Jacob's ladder, P3, D.H.S.S., Alcohol, The Blarney roses, Lips so close, Camp one, Travelling to Arles, An absolute dream, Heyday tonight, For Barbara, Sweet delight, My everything, Cucaracha, Cotton Picking Morning (Every), Drinkin' Partners, Just add moonlight, Rock around the clock, American kids, Sweet Maureeen (PCB 2014-2015), Blue Night Cha, Tush Push, All about a woman, Good time, I told you, Good time girls, Chew Da Bacca, Except for monday, Little southern girl


Doo Dah, Ghost Train, Wayfaring Stranger, D.H.S.S, Seminol Wind, Irish Stew, Marti, Hooked on Country, Cowboy Charleston, Bandido's last ride, Easy come easy go, Chillaxin, Knee Deep, Sweet Delights, Mini Flute, Wagon Wheel Reprise, Cooley's Reel, Fall into the river, Rock around the clock, Summer Fly, Badonkadonk, Rumba Stroll, Jacob's ladder, The spirit, My new life, For Barbara, Love's gonna make it, Walking Away, P3, Colorado Girl,


Hooked On Country, I Told You, Action, Easy come easy go, Ginet's cha cha, Sunny day, La Chapelloise, Skiff a Billy, Dancing Cowboy, Zatchu, Coastin', Islands in the stream, White rose, Quarter after one Beginner, Cheap Talk, Colorado girl, Jacob's ladder, Factor 8, Blue night cha, Wild Stallion, Ghost Train, California Blue, Cooley's reel, Mini Flute, Summer Fly.